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CDN not working when parameters in the path

I have an url: https://s1.dmcdn.net/v/SLsMR1WJqY2BBzEou/x720

When using parameters in the path, it returns 404: https://cdn.statically.io/img/s1.dmcdn.net/w=400/v/SLsMR1WJqY2BBzEou/x720

But when using query, it works: https:// cdn. statically. io/img/s1. dmcdn. net/v/SLsMR1WJqY2BBzEou/x720?w=400
Sorry i can’t post more than 2 links

I think this is weird because query parameters didn’t mention in the home page.

Hey @bangnokia, make sure to add the file extension to your image URLs, because statically.io works best that way.