Change the url of cdn

hello can we change this url to
our own via nameserver or something
or using via cloudflare
is that possible

400 Bad Request. Couldn’t complete your request.
getting this error

This can be useful. But i think this option is available for paid supporters of this project.

getting this error can you guys help me to solve this

Does statically allow us to use our own domain name? If that feature is there, I don’t think no image CDN providers can beat them. Like we could point our record to to get the images content.

Yep, there is a way to do this :slight_smile:

Hey how’s it done? Is it available now?

Yep, but it is a premium feature and intended for project sustainability, allows you to use your own domain and get more functionality like auto-minify CSS/JS, more Images filters, Analytics, and Purge Cache access. CNAME to

You can visit for a live demo.