[error 403] issue with images loading user-agent whitelisting

Thanks for this service, I have a question.
Since this morning our site has the issue as follows
ERROR 9408: Could not fetch the image — the server returned HTTP error 403 Forbidden
Could you let us know why this is and how we solve it.

Second, I would like to know can we use htaccess to whitelist the statically user agent as follows?
# Allow user agents
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent “Statically-Images/2.0” allowagent
Allow from env=allowagent

Looking forward to your feedback

Hi there @raramuridesign and welcome!

Adding .htaccess should work to whitelist Statically on the Origin side.

Does your site use Cloudflare? Try whitelist Statically here too?

@frans Would you mind letting us know how to whitelist on Cloudflare?
Thanks for the quick response.

You can check this thread https://wordpress.org/support/topic/images-dont-load-6/

Thanks @frans
That worked. Why does cloudflare block the resource?