Error 404 Not Found with Statically Images

Hi Everyone,
For some reason, some of my CDN URL’s are working and others aren’t? I can view the images from their normal URL’s fine, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

These URL’s don’t want to work:
With CDN:

Due to posts having URLs limited to 2 I will post an example of the working ones below.


Here is an example of it working:
With CDN:

Hi @jiak1 and welcome to the Statically Community site!

I just checked it looks like your site is giving Statically a 404 not found error for the URL mentioned, maybe you are running some kind of firewall? Just so you know, the origin of Images when this issue happened was in Amsterdam, but I went ahead and moved it to NYC, and it’s now working.

Try whitelisting Statically on your firewall so this issue doesn’t happen again.

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Hi Frans,
Thanks for that, the only potential firewall would be Cloudflare but seeing as the other links worked and you use Cloudflare as part of your CDN I didn’t think it would be an issue :thinking: Do you have a list of IP’s that I could whitelist? If you can’t post them here could you email them to please :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help,