Favicon endpoint not working

The service I used to get the favicon image has been removed.

Hi @mehmetcansahin and welcome!

Favicon endpoint not working

What error are you seeing? More info will help me check, please share the CDN URL here as well if that’s possible.

The service I used to get the favicon image has been removed

The service was not removed from cdn.statically.io, it just hasn’t been added to the new documentation, so its page is temporarily redirected to Avatar.

Thank you for the answer. I use the following service yesterday and it almost didn’t respond at all. Currently working actively. It has also been removed from the feature list. Sometimes the service responds too late.

Ah sorry if you think it was removed from the feature list, but it isn’t, I’ll write down the documentation ASAP.

Again, please share here the URL where you experienced the issue, you can DM me as well.

Sorry, I forgot to share the link in my previous answer. :slight_smile:

Link: https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/google.com

I don’t see an issue with the URL, but I went ahead and improved the backend. Let’s check. Do these icons show up there?

Yes, there seems to be no problem at the moment, but I could not reach this service two days ago.

It’s probably network related issue. All should be good now :+1: