Hello and some questions

Hello Everyone,

I just implemented Statically CDN on 1 of my site and was satisfied with the speed. But also at the same time had the following questions:

  1. Though I’m not very technical I’m guessing Statically is a push CDN, meaning the static content will be delivered from cache every time it’s requested and even on first page/content load?

  2. I was trying to purge cache and it gave an error as ‘zone ID is required’. When I checked the Zone ID field on the General tab of the plugin I see a ‘0’ mentioned there. Do I need to edit this field or the purge cache feature is still in beta and doesn’t work as expected?

  3. I’m currently using Cloudflare just for the DNS/proxy and not their CDN, would using their CDN coupled with Statically be advisable for any further speed improvements?

  4. Are there any notable differences b/w jsDelivr and statically?

Thanks to the developer for creating this service.

Actually Statically is a kind of pull CDN. It will cache images, js, CSS etc on your server/gits. You cannot push it instead statically automatically pull contents using its simple URL path API. If the requested file does not present it will return an error.

Also, check this: What was your first impression about Statically?