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How to use for none wp site

I have PHP website and I want to use statically for all static files (images,css,js)
How I can?

Hi @NikhilRoyal and welcome to the static world!

Please refer to our docs, you can use the Staticzap service to serve non-WP files - upload files to GitHub, serve with Statically.

Hi, I am using next.js, and upload asset files to GitHub is hard.
Can you add the feature for easier to using statically CDN?

Hey @meotimdihia apologize for the late response. We are working on new features and SSG integration, which is why forum and email support have been a bit delayed. We have some interesting features coming out over the next few weeks. Please follow @staticallyio on Twitter for progress.

In the meantime, you can follow this tutorial to use Statically on your next.js app: