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Welcome to the Statically Community!

Let’s adopt the classic forum style by introducing yourself here. Tell us a little about who you are, what you do, and what you use Statically for.

Add your comment also for What is your favorite free CDN?

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Hi there~!

Leon checking in from Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Friend and former housemate of Mas @frans. Somehow ended up quite involved in static websites, so always enjoy anything to make them faster.

Into minimal tech/sites as much as possible (when not using overkill Docker for certain projects).

Considering to just hand-code all my sites without any CMS/generators from now on, to:

  • learn CSS better
  • limit the amount of content/pages on site and instead aim for quality

I have too many “in-progress” projects, but love to give feedback to others on how they can simplify their setups :stuck_out_tongue:

Statically community is great for me to keep in touch somewhat with web perf techniques, with some really clever people here.

If you’ve got any questions about static sites, whether coming from WP or wanting to use a particular SSG, there may be some useful crumbs of knowledge floating around my head, or I should know who to ask.

Yay! Static geeks assemble!

Introduce Yourself :grinning: