Issues from statically screenshot

Hello, my name is Sira Argia. I’m very excited about I’m using it for my friendlist page. I’m here to send feedback about what happen to it. I’m using Statically Screenshot but now it’s happen just like this.

Thanks for your attention

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Currently, this screenshot endpoint isn’t working well. why is that? Did you guys removed this?

If anyone needs an alternative go with

Hi @sira313 first of all, welcome!

Can you confirm whether this issue is still visible from your side? I’m currently working on an update to serve images instead of HTML pages for errors so that users can better see what errors are getting via <img/> tag. Screenshot is open source and you can check it out on GitHub

One service that consumes resources is Screenshot, but thanks to a new sponsor, DigitalOcean, I was able to scale this service easily. Previously the backend of this service was in Singapore, but I moved it to NYC, it should be more stable and fast now.

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It’s better than the previous version

You can see it on my Friendlist page

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