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Parameters don't work on GitHub images

I’m building a website hosted on GitHub Pages, and i need Statically to cloud optimize my images.

The following only seems to happen with my repo, not with others.

This link is from my repo and works,

but the same link set with params (i.e.: w=500) doesn’t

I thought it would be a compatibility issue, but then I found another repo using Statically’s Image function and I can open it no problem:

Why might that be? I doubt it has to do with the host of the images, since it’s GH Pages on both examples. Maybe a configuration I need to tweak that I’m missing? Any help would be great!

Does file extension case sensitive? @frans

Did you try with lowercase .JPG ?
You can also use ?w=500 if you want : https://cdn.statically.io/img/damiponce.github.io/images/photos/DSC_0349.JPG?w=500

I was actually doing this same thing, change your github url to target the raw image file: https://cdn.statically.io/img/raw.githubusercontent.com/damiponce/<REPO_NAME> /<BRANCH_NAME>/images/photos/DSC_0349.JPG