Please do show No screenshot available images

If you cannot get a screenshot of other websites, Instead of showing 500 or 400 errors, please provide a screenshot-not-available picture. Similar to shown below. This can be really helpful.

Also please do consider blurring screenshot having NSFW images. It is annoying to show these. Or else you could return the above images instead.

Nice idea @cdn! I’ll take the time and make those changes soon, or you might be interested in adding this function? I open source Screenshot recently.

Actually, the Screenshot’s DNS service is powered by CleanBrowsing, it should block most of the NSFW domains. If you see any domains that need to be blocked, please PM me here so I can manually add them to the list.

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Awesome. Thanks for the reply and support. Also I found this repo, may be it can be helpful.

It’s something that can be implemented, I’ll see after updating the error messages. You can check the progress on GitHub :slight_smile:

Yay! This feature is live now.

For example:

screenshot localhost

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It’s great to see this on statically. Since this an opensource project, I would like to add a small feature commonly seen.

Show another image set by the user if you could not generate screenshot. Like passing ?error500=

It can be better this way also.

might be nice to have it, when the screenshot can’t be loaded, then redirect to the desired URLs.

can you do the work and send PR?

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wish i could do that, but i’m not a coder. the redirect can be to the directory /img/ where it strips the https:// or http://

Ah no worry, I will add it if it is necessary

Likely it will be better to just send non-success HTTP status code to the response. And to generate custom image, you can check the status code.

I also thought so at first (it makes tracing in Sentry easier and now I have to take a different approach), but as a user I also want a handy tool to use, one has to give in