Redirects ends up ignoring resizing etc

Thanks for a super great service!

I wanted to use it to resize podcast covers, however a lot of those are on CDN’s that redirects. eg. this one:

This ends up being this:

So that the request ends up being the full image instead, ignoring the resize parameters.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this redirect?

Hi there @Podfriend thanks for using Statically!

I saw that is a SoundCloud property and already a CDN, so there’s no reason Statically hotlink to it. Because if you load an image from a URL like the one above we won’t know who is the original owner of the content and this will be an issue if copyright infringement happens. While we can do it, it will hurt the effort why we created Statically.

Redirects also apply to images with URLs such as,, etc. that may not be the original property of Statically users.

I recommend loading images from your own domain if that’s possible, you can get Object Storage to host the images then load them with Static Images to apply resizing and auto-WebP. That way, Statically will come in handy.