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Returns 404 while generating screenshot

Can’t seem to generate a screenshot for the following link, for the rest of the website just loving statically! :heart:: https://rishi-raj-jain.github.io/snippet/Dynamic%20Markdown%20Blogs%20in%20Next.js%20using%20gray-matter,%20react-markdown%20and%20react-syntax-highlighter

Check the following @ https://cdn.statically.io/screenshot/rishi-raj-jain.github.io/snippet/Dynamic%20Markdown%20Blogs%20in%20Next.js%20using%20gray-matter,%20react-markdown%20and%20react-syntax-highlighter

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Hey @rishi-raj-jain, sorry for the late response, currently working on new features for Statically. You can follow @staticallyio on Twitter for progress.

To answer your question: You seem to have unusual URL structures. Since Screenshot can’t read commas , in the URL, so that is why the CDN returning an error page.

You can run Screenshot on your own server if you want, it’s an open source software:

Hey @frans , thank you for your response! Loving Statically and expanding it’s reach within my network as well…

I created my own screenshot-generator… with domain restrictions… maybe a feature that you can add as well… GitHub - rishi-raj-jain/screenshot-generator: Wanna figure og:image, twitter:image tags on fly? No limits & amazing as it sounds. Developed 📸 using puppeteer and deployable via Vercel/Netlify/Heroku!. But real thanks for creating Statically CDN!

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Looks great! Will take a look!