Some features request for statically

I know some are hard to implement but here are some of my suggestions and most of them are related to wordpress.

  1. Can be groundbreaking feature: full html cache on Cloudflare server or as you like to reduce ttfb and page loading time for global users.
  2. Js and css exclude by url.
  3. Automatic image resize according to the device just like Cloudflare Polish as I’ll save a lot of resources and will also increase lighthouse scores for better SEO and Google ranking.
  4. Cache purge feature as sometimes it’s really required.
  5. Cache preload maybe too much for a free cdn but if it’s possible then it’ll give a better cache hit rate.
  6. Paid offerings should include some of above mentioned features but the price should remain reasonable and free users should not be forgotten for any feature use. However you can cap certain amount of bandwidth.
  7. Not a feature suggestion but just a plugin suggestion
    As we know there are several cache plugins out there but if you can build one with full page caching feature and other page speed improvement features like WP Rocket and LSCache that will be really groundbreaking as a us server will always respond slow to an indian user not matter what you do it’s a limitation of speed and science so full page caching is the only solution for rocket fast website speed.
    The only problem is you’re are a alone developer so it’s really bad to expect everything mentioned above but you can consider some easy to implement first. However, I’ll go with full page caching thing as I’ll be a groundbreaking feature to have and will benifit a lot of global websites.
    Garv Sharma.

Hi Garv, welcome, and thanks for your request.

For 1, 6, and 7. Statically is a free service. A full-page caching means your website needs to CNAME to Staticallyio’s servers, and I don’t currently have any plans in place. Currently, Statically provides optimization and CDN services for static assets with, this URL is only for static assets and not the entire website. If I were to go with this CNAME approach to get a full-page caching benefit, it would probably be a premium offering.

But if you mean you want a plugin to cache your website on your server. There are already many solutions and the Statically plugin is always a simple plugin for static assets only. And will remain so.

2. I will consider this for the next release.

3. Automatically serving different image sizes according to devices. Interesting. But I’m afraid this can’t be done with Statically Free. But I will keep looking at all possibilities.

4. I’m aware of this because many have asked. Statically API Key is for this. If I can find a way to make a cache purge feature not hurt CDN’s cache hit ratio, I’ll release it.

5. Cache preload or on-demand is not significantly different at Statically, because subsequent requests will still be delivered from the cache.

Garv, I appreciate your concern about me being a developer myself. If it is really bad for you to expect everything from me, that’s OK.