Statically Images for user linked images


I’m creating a page where users can insert images using an external link, I’m taking this approach because I really don’t want to process, store and serve all the images, but as far as I’m concerned, doing this carries the following problem:

  • Page load problems:
    • No control over the image quality nor resolution, so a unnecessary big image can be linked.
    • Poor cache policy on the image server, forcing image download in every page visit.
    • Slow image server.
  • Security problems:
    • Image server over HTTP causing mixed content, this can be easily fixed with an url check, but telling a non-tech savvy user they can publish their image because it is not served over HTTPS it’s problematic.
    • Visitors data is leaked to the image server (IP, user-agent…), and there is no way to know if the image server is trustworthy.

So I was thinking that using Statically images service in front of the user links solves all these problems (well if the image is too heavy or the image server is too slow, first load will be slow as Statically needs to fetch the image but that’s bearable).
What do you think? It is a good idea? Is there any problem I did not take on account? If I do this, I will be breaking Statically ToS?

Hi @claudio4 and welcome!

This should work with Statically. But usually Statically blocks NSFW domains by itself, so it’s possible that images won’t load in just this section. But if you know what you are doing, this should be OK.

However, I recommend that you use Statically only for sites or buckets that you have control over.

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