Tmdb domain banned, why?

So yesterday i was trying to make statically as mirror of tmdb on my wordpress site and it worked… now today is domain banned?

403 Forbidden

This resource has been manually closed for containing sensitive material or violating our TOS, please contact us if you believe this is a mistake. Back to homepage or Ask the Community.

What sensitive material or how this site violated terms?

PD: I’m not afiliated or owner of tmdb, i just not like they currently use cloudflare, is a bit slower than when they used cloudfront.

Hi @neth0,

Thank you for being interested in using Statically :slight_smile:

Statically is a free service, therefore there are certain limitations that need to be set. We only recommend that you load images from sites or buckets that you do have control over. From there I can contact the owner in case of copyright infringement or anything.

Give me a maximum of 3 days to review this again (it looks like this site has been blocked for some time) whether I have the right to open this access.

Thanks again.