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What is your favorite free CDN?

Speaking of facts, free CDN can benefit and simplify our lives, which do you like the most, and what features make the service legitimate so you choose it?

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For general purposes, I like jsDelivr because of the features (such as npmjs proxying and /combine). However, I have more frequently been using Statically because it seems faster (Cloudflare FTW and love that you support /wp, though it would be cool if you supported /wp/themes and /wp/plugins too, but not required… just cool).

/screenshot is a killer feature, too.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I like the addition of /libs!

Wow nice! me like jsDelivr too, it is a very cool project by Dmitriy. I think we can invite him here since this is not only about Statically but overall free CDN technologies.

WP Themes and Plugins should be available under /wp/t and /wp/p, but our WordPress plugin hasn’t been able to do this yet, fortunately it’s open-source and anyone can review the code :slight_smile:

Of course jsDelivr.

It is the only open source CDN that has China Network, while not only Statically has no China Network but also not even accessible in China (It has been banned by Chinese Great Firewall).

Hey @sukka, welcome! Thanks for your first post.

Nice choice! I hope I can make Statically work in China in the future.

@frans My favorite is Bunnycdn, first time use Statically :neutral_face:

My favorite cdn is Jsdelivr, because npm cdn feature. but anyways, statically is better lol

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I might add CloudFront to the stack to make it even better and faster.

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I thought BunnyCDN was a non-free CDN service? but yes they are awesome, they also sponsor Statically.

hi frans, i’m new here, still wondering how to use CDN on my wordpress site anotherorion[.]com, can I use free statically on WP? and what’s limitation if there any free statically for WP?