What was your first impression about Statically?

I am really curious about this, what things cross your mind after knowing this service. It would be really awesome if I knew these things so that I can improve everything :grinning:

I was pretty excited when I discovered Statically. I had been using various other CDNs, depending on deliverables, such as jsDelivr (slower than Cloudflare), GitHack (fast because Cloudflare, but lacking features such as auto-minify), etc. I switched most of my sites to Statically because it supports both minify and is fast!

Aside from adding npmjs proxying, a /combine feature would be swell. I wish that you weren’t getting rid of /sites (or whatever the endpoint is; I’m new here but discovered it on a Google search), but I understand the security concerns. It would be great if the free version of /images supported cropping and maybe focal points (or smart cropping), but I understand that nobody wants to work for free (I certainly don’t!) :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great service!!

The reason why I abandoned Sites (/sites) was that it was too risky to put it on a free service, I didn’t have a large infrastructure to accommodate serious internet traffic. But I might have something that can replace it.

The Combine feature is great, it might be one that we can adopt!

Now, Statically Images provides Quality and WebP features, it’s free and unlimited, however Automatic Image Resize obviously takes up resources and it should be a paid feature (I hope everyone agrees with this).

And thank you for your kind words, Daniel :clinking_glasses: