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Where can i get the Statically Zone


I’m trying to integrate statically with a wordpress site but I can get right value for the Statically Zone, I tried various values but all generate 404 errors.

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Hey @claudio4, Statically Zone is your site URL, i.e https://example.com. If your placed WordPress under a subdirectory, you may enter https://example.com/subdirectory. I hope this helps you.

Hi Franks! Thank you for your response.

But it seem like the Statically Zone controls what the plugins uses as CDN, If I put my sites URL in this settings things works but everything is directly pulled from my server and not from Statically.

is it possible to give me temporary access to your WP Admin via DM here so I can take a look closely?

I’m not the sit owner but rather the administrator, so giving you a credential might be imposible, but if you are ok with it, we can check it on my computer with some remote desktop app,

Thank you for your kind support.

Hi @claudio4 sure thing, works for me :slight_smile: