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Which cdn is used?

I just found this wordpress plugin and learned about statically.
I see that statically uses multiple cdn’s.

when using image optimisation:
1 how does it choose which cdns it will use for which websites?
2 is there an option in the wp plugin (or otherwise) to choose a preferred cdn?
3 how can i know through which cdn the files are routed?


Hey @peefour and welcome!

1. When you are using Statically CDN (cdn.statically.io), CDNs are selected based on geographic location, in the US and Europe, they may differ. To test where cdn.statically.io is pointing or what CDN is used at a location, you can use this tool https://dnschecker.org/#CNAME/cdn.statically.io

2. We use cdn.statically.io as the API endpoint, this domain is distributed using different CDNs geographically and done automatically on our side so users don’t have to do manual options. cdn.statically.io wraps all of our features and you can just use it for convenience. So the option to select the preferred CDN is not required here. In fact, if we provide it, it can slow things down and add more work to manage, and that’s just not practical.

3. When an end-user accesses an image using Statically, the Edge Server (CDN) fetches content from our Origin, then Origin will retrieve from the Remote Server (your Website), after receiving an image, Origin will optimize it, then it is available on the CDN and end-user receives the image and usually, it is done very quickly. Try checking the Server header on the URL, it will give you info on what CDN is being used.

I’m glad you were interested in this, let me know if you have any questions and want to know more about multi-CDN.